Children's Book Town in Hafjell
Barnas bokby, Barnas bokby er i Lilleputthammer., Esben Haakenstad
Bokbyen i Lilleputthammer, Barnas bokby selger brukte og nye bøker., Esben Haakenstad
Barnas bokby, Barnas Bokby i Lilleputthammer, Esben Haakenstad
Lesestund Barnas Bokby, Lesestund i Barnas bokby, Esben Haakenstad
Butikk Barnas bokby, I barnas bokby kan du gjøre en god handel., Hafjell Resort
barnasbokby3.jpg, Bokbybutikken, Hafjell Resort
Velkommen til Barnas Bokby, Utenfor en av husene i Barnas bokby finner du dette mottoet, Hafjell Resort

Children's Book Town in Hafjell

24 May
10 Aug
Arena: Lilleputthammer Family Park Period: Sat 24 may 2014 - sun 10 aug 2014
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Address: Hundervegen 39, 2636 Øyer
Five miniature, charming wooden houses in Hafjell filled with exciting books and fun magazines is what the Children’s Book Town is all about. We have gathered the best of children's literature in the middle of Lilleputthammer. 10 000 books - from Smilie to Postman Pat!

We have 4 house filled with 2nd-hand books - and all are for sale. Books will circulate is our motto!
We have also a section with the latest new of children's literature from different Norwegian publishing house to see what range it is of Norwegian and foreign children's literature!
Here you can uncover exciting books about master detectives, colourful picture-books for the little ones, hobby books, travel accounts, comic strips and plenty more. Perhaps you will discover the perfect find among the many old and new treasures.

Our Book Town is not simply a house with ”dead paper things” in the shelves -- there are also plenty of activities going on at this site, such as short plays and readings for kids on a daily basis. Our goal is that the Children’s Book City shall be a place where books and stories come alive!

Contact information

Address: Hundervegen 39,2636,Øyer
Opening hours: Weekends:
28. May - 29 May 11:00-17:00
02. June - 05 June 11:00-17:00
11. June - 13 June 11:00-17:00

All days:
18. June - 24 June 11.00-17.00
25. June - 07 August 10.00-18.00
08. August - 14 August 11.00-17.00

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