Indoor play park Hafjell
Ballbingen Lekeland Hafjell, Balbingen i Lekeland Hafjell, Esben Haakenstad
Sklia på Lekeland Hafjell, Skllia i Lekeland Hafjell, Esben Haakenstad
Klatrenett Lekeland Hafjell
Lekeland Hafjell, Lekeland Hafjell er et populært sted for aktive barn., Esben Haakenstad
Hafjell lekeland, Sklia på Lekeland Hafjell, Esben Haakenstad
Lekeland Hafjell, Lekeland Hafjell er en av Norgest største., Esben Haakenstad
Lekeland Hafjell, Småbarnsavdelingen i Lekeland Hafjell, Esben Haakenstad
Lekeland Hafjell ballbinge, Den store ballbingen i lekeland, Esben Haakenstad
Lekeland Hafjell ror, Kom til Lekeland Hafjell, Esben Haakenstad
Lekeland Hafjell spøkelseshus, Lekeland Hafjell ligger 15 km nord for Lillehammer, Esben Haakenstad
Lekeland Hafjell bursdagsis, Lekeland Hafjell er et populært sted å feire bursdager, Esben Haakenstad
Lekeland Hafjell ballbinge, Ballbingen i lekeland, Esben Haakenstad
Indoor_play_land_Hafjell.jpg, Indoor playland Lekeland Hafjell

Indoor play park Hafjell

1 Mar
5 Oct
Arena: Indoor Playland Hafjell Period: Sat 1 mar 2014 - sun 5 oct 2014
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Address: Hundervegen 37, 2636 Øyer
As one of Norway's largest indoor play parks, Lekeland Hafjell has been specially designed for kids ages 0 - 12, and features a play area covering approx. 900 sq.m.

The largest play area has been designed for kids ages 4-12 years. This play area features four levels of exiting activties. In the café area you may have some food and drink while watching our giant TV screen. Or you may use our Internet access.

Guests staying at the hotel or our apartments receive 50% discount on the entrance to Playland Hafjell.
Among the attractions at Lekeland Hafjell:
16-metre-long triple slide
Spiral slide
Several obstacle courses
Ball bins
Haunted room
And plenty more…

Special section devoted to children ages 0-3 and 2-4.
Café area with giant TV screen and Internet access.

At Lekeland Hafjell your kids can have their own birthday party. We have 4 birthday rooms with room for up to 40 children.

Children are only permitted access when accompanied by an adult (min. 16 years).


0 years Free
1 - 3 years NOK. 95, -
4 - 15 years NOK. 120, -
Adults (from 16 years). NOK 50, -

Contact information

Address: Hundervegen 37,2636,Øyer
Opening hours: Opening hours

Monday - Wednesday Closed (open for birthday bookings)
Thursday and Friday. 13.00-18.00
Saturday and Sunday.11.00-18.00

Christmas / New Year:
Christmas Eve Closed
26. -30. December. 11.00-18.00
1. New Year's Day Closed
Sunday 2 January at. 11.00-18.00

Special opening hours during winter break, Easter and summer holidays.

Please note that the last entry in Playland's 45 minutes before closing.


Lekeland Hafjell is close to the centre of village in Hafjell.

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