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Adventures from horseback

The scenery is best viewed from horseback. We live in a rider’s paradise, with endless forest tracks, old mountain trails and easily ridden terrain. We place great emphasis on finding the right horses and adjusting the speed, allowing you to enjoy the surroundings and achieve an optimal ride.
Here is a list of our various rides on offer. The difficulty of the rides vary, but we always aim to satisfy the needs of the group, so that everyone has a positive experience. Our calendar gives an excellent summary of all tours arranged.

2 hour experience
The tours take place around Mesna. The terrain is described by many as Northern Europe's finest for riding. With larger groups there are at least two leaders, and the group can be h2ided if necessary. We adapt the horse, pace and terrain to fit riders capabilities.

Half day trips
Taking you deep into the forests
You get the opportunity to become familiar with the Icelandic horse and its various gaits. We can ride on a network of trails and enjoy quick tölt on endless forest roads. We ride at the pace you master, and can h2ide the group If necessary.

Full Day trip
With a coffee break around the campfire
We ride through different types of terrain at varied paces. Ringsaker mountains offer hillocks and lakes, and the forest areas have a network of trails and roads. Bring a packed lunch. Packhorse and coffee pot are included. Half way through, the horses are let loose, as we gather around the campfire.