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Alpine ski race for kids

18 | April 09:00
19 | April 09:00

Lillehammer Ski Club invites you to MiniFart 2019 in Kjusbakken in Hafjell Saturday April 18 and Sunday April 19th. The ski race is suitable for children aged 6-12 years. The ski slope will be a combination between Super-G and Big Slalom according to NSF's regulations for MiniFart.

Lillehammer Ski Club wants to repeat the success of the last few years with many rounds of great progress and extremely good mood. The event in Hafjell will be based on alpine children's rules Alpine combi SSL / SG. Children's combi is an internationally known exercise and consists of a mixture of standard turns with gates and meets the development needs of this age group. The implementation is organized with training sessions and walk-throughs.

Hafjell Resort has cottages at The Nest and Storstua large chalet right by Kjus ski slopes in Hafjell where this event takes place.