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Birkebeiner road

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The Birkebeiner route (Torevegen) runs from Sjusjøen to Messelt in Stor Elvdal, and leads northeast past cabin areas and mountain farms: Storåsen, Kroksjøen, Kuåsen, Elgåsen, Aksjøen, Storstilen, Øvre Åstbru toll station and Gammelskolla. The route comprises 120 km of toll roads.

The route comprises 120 km of toll roads, and single journey, 3-day, 7-day, monthly, season and annual passes are available.

Toll stations are available at Brumund Sag (all-year-round service), Bergundhaugen (automated service) and at Elgåsen and Øvre Åstbru (summer season only). During winter, a toll station is available at Storåsen by Sjusjøen. This covers parking at Storåsen and any traffic from Storåsen to Aksjøen in winter. The road network covering the various cabin and mountain farm areas also provides access to Brumunddal, Moelv, Lillehammer, Øyer and Stor Elvdal.

Hunting & fishing licences: In addition to sale of toll-road passes and hunting and fishing licences, the toll stations provide support and advice to road users, farmers, cabin owners and other visitors to the area.

The Åstdalen route: With Brumund Sag just after Brumunddal as starting point, the route leads past Tom mountain farm and on to Hamarseterhøgda cabin area. At Hamarseter it continues into the Åstdalen valley, and leads past Olshølen, Åkerseter, Kvarstadseter and Skvaldra mountain farm pastures before it joins the Birkebeiner route by Øvre Åstbru toll station and continues further into Øyer. The Bergundhaugen - Nyskolla mountain-farm route runs from Bergundhaugen through Blæka and Løvlia moutain farms, and joins the Birkebeiner route by Stenstilen and Storstilen mountain farms.

It also leads past the Løvlia (Nes Almenning), Ljøsheim and Grunnåsen cabin areas. The road between Kvarstadseterlia and Storstilen is closed during winter.

Winter road closures. During the winter season (from around 01/11 to 01/06), the Birkebeiner route is closed between Aksjøen to Øvre Åstbru. The Storåsen - Aksjøen stretch is kept clear of snow throughout the winter.