Catering Christmas party

Address: Hundervegen 33, 2636 Øyer Show map

Address: Hundervegen 33, 2636 Øyer

Hafjell Hotel offers catering in Hafjell. Try one of our menus for catering. Taste Norwegian specialties of Christmas food.

1. Cured meats catering in Hafjell
Mutton, cured ham, sausage, Salami, Westphaler ham,
Flatbread, l efse, bread, butter, Beetroot, pickles, potato salad and scrambled eggs

2. Buffet catering in Hafjell
Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, pesto fried trout fillet, crayfish tails with dill dressing, Roastbeef with remoulade, cured ham with melon and potato salad

3. Hot and cold catering menu in Hafjell
Elk burgers with onion sauce, fried chicken, Potato Boats and Vegetables


4. Tapas Catering in Hafjell
Wrap with Serrano ham, red wine marinated duck wings
Chili sausage, shrimp in garlic oil, Lefse gravad roll with salmon and mustard, Meatballs in salsa sauce, salt-baked potatoes sour cream dip, BBQ marinated chicken wings and chili-chocolate mousse.


5. Christmas Party Catering in Hafjell
Marinated salmon with mustard sauce, Rakfisk with accessories,
Steamed trout with sour cream, Christmas Pickles with råløk, Roastbeef with remoulade, turkey fillet with Waldorf salad, Christmas Ham, Potato salad, scrambled eggs, Beets, pickled cucumbers, bread, lefse, flat bread and butter.


6. Christmas Plate in Hafjell
Ribs, sausages, meat pie, sauerkraut or red cabbage, potatoes, pork fat, gravy, cranberry sauce and lefse kr.245

7 Desserts in Hafjell
Rice cream with raspberry sauce kr.65
Caramel pudding with cream and fruit garnitur kr.95
Chocolate cake with fresh berries kr.95
Cloudberry mousse with coulis and blueberry kr.95

Menu prices are for bookings from 10 persons. Must be booked no later than 7 days before arrival.

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