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Christmas Party in Hafjell

price from
579 NOK
22 | November 18:00
23 | November 18:00
29 | November 18:00
30 | November 18:00
06 | December 18:00
07 | December 18:00

Christmas parties at Hafjell Hotel will be arranged during weekends in November and December. Traditional chrimast buffet and live music. Christmas parties will be on Fridays and Satursdays. Get the xmas spirit in Norway with your company and friends.

Welcome to Christmas at Hafjell hotel offering before Christmas atmosphere and delicious Christmas food. Let this year's Christmas party in Hafjell be a different experience.

Hafjell Hotell has 3 Christmas weekend with great Christmas party and dance music. We run three weekends with Christmas party in 2019, but could expand upon requests.

In Lillehammer region will be many exciting Christmas events for those who want to shop before Christmas. Among other things, Maihaugen Christmas market which is very popular. Hafjell Alpine Centre is planning the opening of the ski hill in November so then you can combine Christmas and skiing holidays.

At Lillehammer there will be world cup in Nordic combined and cross-country from first weekend in December. Book accommodation for a weekend in Hafjell with Christmas spirit.