Cleaning of residence before departure

Welcome to your apartment or cabin booked via Hafjell Resort. We wish you a nice stay in Hafjell.
Welcome to your apartment or cabin booked via Hafjell Resort. We wish you a nice stay in Hafjell.

Should something not be satisfactory please contact us immediately. Call the reception on telephone 61 28 55 50, which is open 24 hours a day. For the sake of the neighbors, there must be peace of residence by 23:00. The apartment or the cabin must at all times be occupied by the number of adults, young people and children at which the residence is made available due to the safety.

This is a accommodation unit owned by someone who Hafjell Resort (Hafjell Resort / Hafjell Exclusive) has a brokerage agreement and it is obviously necessary to take care of the value of the accommodation at the time of booking. Booker has an independent responsibility above the cabin owner for all damage suffered. What has been destroyed / damaged / removed should be reported as soon as possible and at the latest on departure.

Waste management
Guests must empty waste continuously in the containers or in silos, and where there is a source sorting, waste should be sorted, please refer to our terms. Waste should not be stored outdoors, as this will attract animals and the waste will be pulled outwards.

Cleaning and cleaning up before departure.
Before departure, the customer does not have to "wash around" but rented bed linen should be taken off and put out of doors, and it must be cleaned and arranged in the living unit. This means that spills on the benches and floors should be washed off, the fridge / freezer must be emptied and all waste, empty goods etc. must be discarded before leaving the unit. If the oven or microwave is tiled, these should be cleaned and not included in the final wash. The dishwasher must be emptied and everything must be left in its drawers and cabinets before departure. NB, what has been removed from the cabinets should be returned where it belongs and be completely and clean.

If our inspection staff do not approve of what is mentioned above, the order will be billed for a period of time plus a fee of NOK 1,500, - The above is not complete and is part of HH's booking terms.

We remind you that check-out and key collection is no later than 11:00 at reception at Hafjell Hotell. Upon check-out, your own confirmation that the above is done must be signed and delivered to the reception with the keys.
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