Gaiastova mountain cafe

Gaiastova mountain cafe is open daily during the ski season.
Gaiastova on Hafjelltoppen was built for the Olympic Games in 1994. During the Games, Gaiastova and the surrounding apartments were used as a press center. Gaiastova is located at the start of the Øyer mountain and here you have access to the ski slopes in the entire Lillehammer region. Today, Gaiastova includes a restaurant, après ski, ski rental and groceries.

Monday: 11: 00–17: 00
Tuesday: 11: 00–17: 00
Wednesday: 11: 00–17: 00
Thursday: 11: 00–17: 00
Friday: 11: 00–22: 00
Saturday: 11: 00–02: 00
Sunday: 11: 00–17: 00


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Contact Gaiastova
Steffen Eggesvik & Aleksandra Mierzejewska [email protected]
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