Hafjell bus

Pre-book bus service Hafjell

You can book a bus transfer to and from Lillehammer train station every day this winter. Every Weekend you can use the booking bus to get around Hafjell.

Transfer bus Lillehammer station - Hafjell. All the way to your door!

You can pre-book transport to Hafjell from selected train arrivals / departures at Lillehammer station, every day throughout the winter (19 Dec 2021 - 18 April 2022).

This is how it works:

Book and pay for the bus digitally here

• Booking deadline is 2 hours before arrival / departure. If the train is delayed, the bus will be waiting for you.
• The minibus is ready at Lillehammer Skysstasjon when the train arrives.
• The bus wil take you all the way to your door or hotel.
• Keys to the rental unit are picked up / delivered in a common key box in Hafjell.
• When returning from a cabin / hotel, you will receive an SMS if the pick-up time after booking has been made.

Price: Kr. 125, - per person one way (applies to all addresses in lower part of Hafjell) / Kr 195,- per person (in upper part of Hafjell (Mosetertoppen, Hafjelltoppen)

When: Every day from December 19, 2021 to April 18, 2022

The transfer bus can be booked for the following arrival times by train FROM Oslo;
13.4 - 16.44 - 18.41 - 19.40

The transfer bus can be booked for the following departure times by train TO Oslo;
12.15 - 17.07 - 19.08

The Hafjell Bus | Booking bus Weekends


The Hafjell bus takes you around Hafjell on Weekends. Choose between 23 stops from Hafjelltoppen, Mosetertoppen and in the center of Hafjell. It is possible to pre-book the bus at a given time, and on the trip you will coordinate with other passengers. Current infection control rules will be taken care of.

When does the bus run?

The pre-book bus service is available: 

  •  Weekends from 26 of December 2021 until 18 of April 2022

  •  Fridays 18.00 – 22.00 / Saturdays 10.00 – 02.00 / Sundays 10.00 – 16.00

      All days during christmas, winter holiday (week 8) and easter 10.00-22.00

  • time via the app, and the bus will pick you up. 

How much is a ticket? 

The bus fare is NOK 75,- per person (daytime) NOK 150,- (evening). NOK 25 for children up to 16 years.

How does it all work? 

  • Download the app "Helt Frem"   

  • Choose where and when to be picked up 

  • Pay for the journey via the app 

Please help us make Hafjell an eco-friendly skiing destination.