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Hafjell Ski Bus

21 | December 09:00
22 | December 09:00
23 | December 09:00
24 | December 09:00
25 | December 09:00
26 | December 09:00
27 | December 09:00
28 | December 09:00

The ski bus is offered to hotel guests staying at Hunderfossen Hotel, Scandic Hafjell and Hafjell Hotel.The ski bus stops at the bus stop about 100 meters from hotel

Hafjell Alpin Center, Hafjell Hotell, Hunderfossen Hotell, Nermo, Pellestova and Scandic Hafjell are working on a ski bus for the benefit of guests who live just outside the ski slopes. For the winter season 2018/2019 the ski bus will start 22th of December and end the 2nd Easter day.

The ski bus is an offer to hotel guests staying at Hafjell Hotell who want to ski in Hafjell Alpin center. Bus stop 50 meters from the hotel and bus stop at Hafjell Alpin center. The ski bus between the hotels and Hafjell Alpin Center has two daily departures and is free for hotel guests. Return in the afternoon. The ski bus is financed by the hotels, Hafjell Alpin Center and Øyer municipality.

New for 2019
The ski bus runs the following routes in the morning:
Tour 1 Hunderfossen - Øyer center - Hafjell Alpin center - Nermo - Hafjell Alpinsenter
Tour 2 Hunderfossen - Øyer Center - Hafjell Alpin Center - Nermo - Pellestova - Hafjell Alpin Center

The ski bus runs the following route in the afternoon:
Tour 3 Hafjell Alpin Center - Nermo - Øyer Center - Hunderfossen
Tour 4 Hafjell Alpin Center - Pellestova - Nermo - Hafjell Alpin Center - Øyer Center - Hunderfossen

The ski bus runs during the period 22th of December - 2nd. Easter Day. Bus stop for guests from Hafjell Hotell is only 50 meters from the hotel.

Changes Christmas and Easter: Runs all holidays, except departures at. 16:40 on Christmas Eve.
Changes during Christmas and Easter: Drives all public holidays, except departs at. 16:45 on Christmas Eve