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Holiday apartments

Apartments in Hafjell

Hafjell Resort has a large selection of holiday apartments of good standard in the destination. The holiday apartments are spacious and family friendly and located down in the valley just off Hafjell Bike Park and the gondola.

Most of the holiday apartments are within easy driving distance to Lilleputthammer Family Park, Lekeland Hafjell and Hunderfossen Family Park. Some of the apartments are also within walking distance of Lilleputthammer Family Park and Lekeland Hafjell. In the mountains we have holiday apartments at Gaiastova on Hafjelltoppen, right by the mountain terrain and trails on Øyerfjellet.

Rental of apartments

Holiday apartments in hafjell

Hafjell Resort has holiday apartments at Alpin Apartments Solsiden, Alpin Apartments Sørlia, Hafjell Alpinlandsby Plus, Nordlia, Jaertunet, Alpingrenda and Hafjelltoppen Apartments Gaiastova. You can choose from apartments that sleep from 4 to 12 beds.

Vacation Packages

Hafjell Resort offers discounted family packages which include Olas Super Ticket to Lilleputthammer Family Park and Lekeland Hafjell and accommodation in one of our holiday apartments.

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