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Hotels, apartments, cabins and camping in Hafjell Hunderfossen

In the Hunderfossen area there are hotels, cabins and campgrounds, but most of the time this accommodation will be fully booked when the summer season starts at Hunderfossen Familiepark. Accommodation in Hafjell is a good option since Hafjell is only 3 km from Hunderfossen.
In Hafjell Hunderfossen there are also family-friendly experiences such as Lilleputthammer Family Park, Lekeland Hafjell, Hunderfossen Family Park, Hafjell Bike Park, Hafjell Golf, Children's farm, Norwegian Road Museum and Lillehammer Bob and Luge track. This allows the Hafjell Hunderfossen area with Lillehammer city to offer an exciting summer holiday as an alternative to other areas in Norway.

At Lillehammer you will find hotels that offer accommodation and tickets to Hunderfossen and Lilleputthammer. These are approximately 16 km from Hafjell and Hunderfossen.

You can also order family packages that include accommodation and tickets to Lekeland Hafjell and Lilleputthammer. Hunderfossen tickets can be purchased at the reception at Hafjell Hotell.

Welcome to the summer holiday in Hafjell Hunderfossen.