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Just Beethoven

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10 | March 18:00

Just Beethoven 10 March in the Maihaugen hall. This year we wanted Beethoven's violin concert as the main work at the concert. As it has blowers in the orchestra, it was natural to also choose other pieces with this crew, and we therefore had the opportunity to create a fully-crafted Beethoven program where almost all the music at the concert was written by Beethoven.

Lillehammer Cultural School has for many years collaborated with Lillehammer Symphony Orchestra, Dextra Musica and violinist Geir Inge Lotsberg on an annual seminar. This year we also have five young "Dextra musicians" as instructors and musicians, Ren Jian and Edvard Erdal on violin, Iris Maidre-Aarvik on viola, Karin Helene Slåttebrekk on cello and Anders Rove on double bass.

Ludvig van Beethoven (1770-1827) is regarded as one of the greatest composers in music history. He composed a lot of music, and many of the pieces of music have become world famous, among others. The fate symphony (no. 5) that we play the first batch of during the concert.