Lekeland Hafjell

29 | January 11:00
04 | February 11:00
05 | February 11:00
11 | February 11:00
12 | February 11:00
18 | February 11:00
19 | February 11:00
25 | February 11:00
Lekeland Hafjell is one of Norway’s largest indoor play centres for children aged 0 - 12, boasting play area of some 900 sq.m.
Lekeland Hafjell is the Lillehammer region's playland, adapted for children from 0 to 12 years with a 900 sqm large play area. We are located in the center of Øyer and are the nearest neighbor to Lilleputthammer family park.

Lekeland Hafjell is part of Hafjell Resort, which offers accommodation, family packages and activities. We are located next door to Hafjell Hotell, and if you stay at the hotel you have discounts in Lekeland during the day and free admission in the evening.

Lekeland is as created for physical activity. In Lekeland, children can climb, slide, balance and explore. Here the challenges are in line and the children experience a positive feeling of mastery. But most importantly for the kids; Playland is fantastic FUN!
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