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17 | August 09:00
18 | August 09:00

Norwaysliding & Lillehammer Olympic Legacy Sports Centre invites to the camp:
Ugis Zalims (former Latvian Bobsleigh athlete), Start and sprint training with Alexander Hanssen (Norwegian Skeleton athlete), Off-season training, Equipment handling and preparations, Fysical tests, Visual training and track preperations.
Head injuries and signals to be aware of, Antidoping. Additions to the program to be announced.

Practical information:
The camp is for athletes and coaches or others who is a part of the support team. Accomodation will be at Hafjell Hotell in Øyer Sentrum and is included in the camp fee. Food will be served at Hafjell hotell (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and is included in the camp fee

Transportation, Each participant arranges and pays for their own transport to and from Øyer/Lillehammer. Once in Lillehammer there is no need for additional transportation, this Is organized by the organizer. Bring your sled/equipment if possible

Registration form: https://bit.ly/2GU1wk1
Registration deadline: 15th of May
Maximum number of participants: 30
Registration is binding / no refunds

Price and payment information:
Single weekend athletes (1500 NOK)
Cost per athlete participant: (1500 NOK)
Cost per coach: (1500 NOK)
Both weekend costs athletes: (2600 NOK)
Both weekend costs coaches: (2600 NOK)
Covers all training, transportation , meals and accommodation
Payment is due 2 weeks after the participants registration is confirmed

The Lillehammer International Sliding Camp is organized by the Lillehammer Olympic Legacy Sports Centre and The Norwegian Luge, Bob and Skeleton Federation in cooperation with The international Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation.
The camp will have coaches and instructors who will follow up the participants during each day and evening.
This is a non-alcohol camp.

Lillehammer Olympic Legacy Sport Centre aims to give young athletes, coaches & leaders the possibility to develop their skills inside wintersports. The center is located in Lillehammer and was established after the Youth Olympics in Lillehammer 2016.