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The Mammoth

“Mammoth” by Linda Bakke is an exact recreation of a mammoth scull, but in double the size. Gudbrandsdalen is unique nationally in terms of mammoth finds, and Fåvang is the location in Norway with the most recorded examples of surviving remains. From the sculpture “Mammoth”, you can see straight across to the gravel pit in which the mammoth tusks were found. The gravel deposits were left by a river of glacier water that also brought the items dating 50,000 to 100,000 years back in time.

“Dragon” in Ringebu and “Mammoth” in Fåvang are two sculptures that call attention to the link between the villages, and reflect the distinctive character and interconnection, and at the same time allude to the local identity and history, of the two communities. The sculpture is made of stainless steel, grade 316, and has been created using many small pieces that have been hammered, adapted, welded, brushed, and polished.

Linda Bakke (born 1973) is from Stange, and works with sculptures and art in public-space projects that are location specific, visually striking, and often laden with mystical, historic, or mythical content. www.lindabakke.webs.com