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Norwegian Constitution Day

17 | May 09:00

Norwegian Constitution Day is the national day of Norway and is an official public holiday observed on May 17 each year.

A noteworthy aspect of the Norwegian Constitution Day is its very non-military nature. All over Norway, children's parades with an abundance of flags form the central elements of the celebration. Each elementary school district arranges its own parade with marching bands between schools. The parade takes the children through the community, often making stops at homes of senior citizens, war memorials, etc.

The longest parade is in Oslo, where some 100,000 people travel to the city centre to participate in the main festivities. This is broadcast on TV every year, with comments on costumes, banners, etc., together with local reports from celebrations around the country.

In Lillehammer, the national day is celebrated and there are lots of people in the streets who have embellished themselves with the finest suits and dresses. Many also have traditional folk costumes.

Hafjell Hotell welcome you to our traditional and hearty buffet on the national day for Norway 17th of May. The buffet is served from 13.00 to 18.00.