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Skiing from Hafjell to Lillehammer

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The Øyer mountain plateau is a great area for cross country skiing with majestic views and 280 km of easy and moderate tracks that are connected with the even more extensive Nordseter/Sjusjøen system.
The Øyer mountain plateau is a great area for cross country skiing with majestic views and 280 km of easy and moderate tracks that are connected with the even more extensive Nordseter/Sjusjøen system.

Double ski fun in Hafjell

Skiing over white mountain plateaus or down the slopes? With Hafjell as the starting point you can actually do both. Ride the Gondola or pick up the trailhead at Hafjelltoppen.

Excellent tracks leading to Sjusjøen, Nordseter and Lillehammer are prepared as soon as the snow conditions allow and into sprintime. Parts of the tracks are prepared for ski skating. To the right you find trail suggestions - with hardly any difference in altitude. The most hilly one being the Nysetra-Listra with vertical drop of 80 m. Most trails are above the treeline - and here you are free to take in whatever the mountain has in store. The most scenic trails is "Rognhaugen-Kneiken".

Right before Kneiken you have an excellent view over the Øyer mountains plateua with Rondane as the backdrop. The trails on the northern side of Lie-Hornsjøveien are perfect for those who want a solitary ski trek. The Ronghaugen trail lies sheltered from the winds.

Hundersetra, spacious car park between Ilsetra and Pellestova

Nysetra-Pellestova-Car park (6,5km)
Nysetra-Lisetra-Nedre Moksjøen-Pellestova-Car Park (15km)
Nysetra-Lisetra-Langmyråsen-Sjøseterkrysset-Pellestova-Car Park (19,5 km)
Pellestova-Ytre Reina-Hornsjø Sjøseterkrysset-Pellestova-Car Park (26 km)
Lie Hornsjøveien Car Park 500 m east of Lisetra
Rognhaugen-Svartåsen-Langmyråsen-Car Park (12,6 km)
Rognhaugen-Kneiken-Pølkrysset-Mattisbekken-Car Park (21 km)
Raumyra-Nedre moksjøen-Sjøseterkrysset-Langmyråsen-Car Park (14 km)
Mosetertoppen (Top of Gondola)
Nedre Moksjøen-Stiemyrhaugen-Pellestova-Nysetra-Mosetertoppen (19 km)

Rondane - Lillehammer - 170 km (Troll trail)
The Troll Trail is a continuous marked ski trail, which passes through miles of untouchted nature from Høvringen and the Rondane National Park in the north, via Ringebufjellet, to Lillehammer - the Olympic City - in the south. The trail is about 170 km long. The Troll Trail offers excellent skiing terrain in magnificent surroundings. The Troll Trail is a tour trail with a large degree of variation, ideally suited for those wanting either long or short trips. The Troll Trail is normally marked from 1 February until after Easter. On certain parts the trail is prepared daily, on others only when necessary (after heavy snowfall/heavy winds). Since the trail goes partly in high mountain areas, proper equipment and clothing is a necessity. We recommend skis with steel edges.
For whom: Well-trained persons
For more information about current tours to Troll-trail contact
Norske Bygdeopplevelser www.norske-bygdeopplevelser.no and Norske Spor www.norskespor.net

Classic or skating
These are two distinct forms of x-country skiing. Each has it's own techniques and equipment, even their own type of track. Skating on skis became possible with the introdution of track grooming. Classic skiing was kept pure by creating a separate discipline and forbidding the use of skaring except to change tracks. Skating is faster and more physically demanding. Shorter, stiffer skis are used, with glide wax under the entire length, boots have more ankle support and the poles are longer. The vast majority of recreational skiers never skate because the technique takes a long time to master, and it is not possible to drift along side by side chatting en enjoying the scenery, because each skier needs to use the full width of the track. Skating is best suited to fitness freaks and endurance athletes.