Snow guarantee

Read about our snow guarantee for the winter season

02 - 24.12 Minimum 5 km pistes,
24.12 - 17.04 Minimum 20 km pistes

Hafjell enjoys early and continued snowfalls throughout the winter months, something that attracts enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders alike. In addition, there are 200 snow cannons which produce a staggering 6 truck-loads of snow every minute! This combination of fresh and manmade snow allows us to create a solid base, which in-turn leads to pristine slopes every day!

Hafjell guarantee if slopes are not as warranted when your date is approaching or that you decide to cancel your stay at Hafjell Resort by 11:00 the day after arrival, you get back the money you paid for your skiing in Hafjell.

This does not apply if you already have used the lift pass, ski school, started teaching and / or participated in any other of your pre-booked activities.

The SKI guarantee does not include

Sudden technical problems occurred at / at the ski center
Weather changes at / near the ski resort - storm, icebreak etc., which occurred 48-0 hours before / during departure or during the stay.

snow guarantee
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