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Summer cottage for rent

If you are looking for a summer cottage for rent in Norway, Lillehammer and Hafjell are a good choice. Here the summer weather is stably warm and there is a short travel distance from the summer cottage to experiences and activities in the region.

Hafjell Resort has a large selection of summer cabins for rent close to Hafjell Bike Park. The cabins are located in Nordlia, Hafjell Gard and Sørlia cabin district with a short driving distance to the family parks Lilleputthammer and Hunderfossen. Then we have cabins on Mosetertoppen, Hafjell Panorama and Hafjelltoppen if you want mountain terrain and hiking trails on weekends and summer holidays.

Hafjell is located approximately 3 km from Hunderfossen and 15 km from Lillehammer city. When you are in Hafjell you are at the start of Gudbrandsdalen.


Lilleputthammer Family Park in Hafjell 15 km north of Lillehammer is a family park especially for children between 1 and 9 years. Here the children can ride trains, cars, boats, Ferris wheels, carousels, roller coasters or speed down in Ola's frog jump. Also try Ola's climbing park which is an exciting activity. There is free parking for guests.

The family park in Hunderfossen is one of Norway's largest family parks with many exciting news and the combination Lilleputthammer family park one day and Hunderfossen the next day is an unbeatable family package for the whole family. We also recommend that you take the time to visit the Norwegian Road Museum, which is next door to Hunderfossen. Here there is free admission.


Hafjell Resort has summer cabins from 6 to 31 beds. It should cover most needs for the number of beds when you book a summer cottage for your holiday stay in the Hafjell and Lillehammer region.