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Tapas catering

Do you need tapas catering in the Lillehammer region. Hafjell Hotell provides different tapas as catering. See our tapas dishes and menus.

Chef's Tapas 475, - pp (min. 10 persons)
Hot: Albondigas with Mojo rojo (3 pp) Baked small potatoes with Aioli (5 pp) Chorizo semicurado (50g pp) Scampi Diablo (3 pp) Tiger wings (3p) Salt-roasted Padrones (3 pp)
Cold: Potato Tortilla (50g pp) Manchego (30g pp) Serrano (30g pp) Tomato and Watermelon Salad Olive Tapenade Hummus Libabread Focaccia

Hafjell Hotell AS offers guests homemade, authentic and good food - made with love and care, from scratch with fine ingredients. In addition to the taste of delicious ingredients and perfect combinations, it is also something that brings people together, which gives you a good time! We cater for allergy sufferers, vegetarians and others who have special needs.