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Wellegruppen AS is a property and investment company with offices and business addresses in the municipality of Øyer. Wellegruppen AS is also the owner of several operating companies in Hafjell. We specialize in building, developing and operating properties aimed at the tourism market.

In Hafjell we have our own operating companies for the following businesses:

Hafjell Hotell AS, Hundervegen 33
Lekeland Hafjell, Hundervegen 37
Hafjell Event, Hundervegen 41
Lilleputthammer family park, Hundervegen 41

Information about the Wellegruppen

Welle Invest AS is the parent company in the group and is the company that issues the consolidated accounts. The company has no employees and is a purely investment company owned by Jan-Erik Rørvik and he is two daughters.

Wellegruppen is a group company with mainly three business areas, which in turn is organized in own companies. Wellegruppen AS is the direct owner of all properties and real estate companies. 

Welle Entreprenør AS is the property management company, which has the main responsibility for the construction, operation and maintenance of the building materials.

Hafjell Hotell AS is our operating company in Hafjell. The company owns the operating companies that Wellegruppen has in Hafjell and coordinates tourism activities with a joint economy, sales and marketing department.

For further information contact

Wellegruppen AS

Hundervegen 105

2636 Øyer

Phone +47 61 05 62 60
Email [email protected]

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