Winter holiday at Norwegian road museum

19 | February 11:00
20 | February 11:00
21 | February 11:00
22 | February 11:00
23 | February 11:00
24 | February 11:00
25 | February 11:00
26 | February 11:00
The Norwegian Road Museum offers experiences for all the family. See the bicycle exhibition "TRILL RUNDT" (Wheeling Around) and the interactive traffic safety centre. Machinery, activities and play area for children and adults alike in a large open-air museum, with pleasant walks in the area. Free entry. Separate activity programme for the winter breaks. The museum also organises exciting and nostalgic experiences during the winter holiday.
The Norwegian Public Road Museum, is one of Norway's largest technical and industrial museum facilities. The museum consists of three museums and a large open air museum. The three museums are; the Norwegian Public Road Museum (NPRM), the Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum(NRBM) and the Norwegian Vehicle Museum (NVM). The museums have a total of almost 5,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor exhibitions.

(At the museum we have an archive, a photo archive, a library and a workshop.) In the open air museum, you will find a number of buildings that have had an impact on daily life along the roads. Such as ; country stores, petrol station and road warden's residence. There are also exhibited machines that have been used for road construction and rock blasting.

All the museum buildings are within walking distance of eachother and with easy access from the car park. The Public Road Museum and The Vehicle Museum are open all year (closed on Mondays during the winter), while the Rock Blasting Museum is only open in the summer.

Dogs are allowed in the open air museum, but not in the museum buildings.

Free entrance

It is free admission to all the exhibitions at the Norwegian Public Road Museum.

Opening hours
January 2 - June 14
The Norwegian Public Road Museum and the Norwegian Vehicle Museum are open at 10.00 - 15.00 (Tuesday - Sunday) The museum is closed on 1 January, 1 and 17 May

June 15 - August 15
The Norwegian Public Road Museum and the Norwegian Vehicle Museum open 10.00 - 17.00 every day. The Norwegian Rock Blasting museum and smithy open 11.00 - 17.00 every day

August 16 - December 30
The Norwegian Public Road Museum and the Norwegian Vehicle Museum are open at 10.00 - 15.00 (Tuesday - Sunday)The museum is closed 23-28. and December 31st

When you arrive at the Norwegian Public Road Museum, your numberplates will automaticly be registered, entering and exiting.

Day parking: kr. 69 NOK
Stays under 30 minutes are free.

It is allowed to park on our property after closing time, but parking by car overnight is charged with new day parking NOK 69. Parking with motorhome overnight is charged NOK 300.

The car parking lot is locked at night.

There are a charging point at the Norwegian Vehicle Museum for electric cars. The charging station is owned and operated by the Norwegian Public Road Museum and is of the Salto type.