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OL jubileum 1994

25 years after the Winter Olympics 1994

In February 2019, it was 25 years since the Olympics and Paralympics-94. Lillehammer municipality wanted to celebrate the event and therefore took the initiative to gather good partners for a weekend event from 15 to 17 February 2019. The town party was on Saturday 16 February with fireworks in Lysgaardsbakkene ski jump facility and Fakkelprisen in Håkons Hall.

25 years after the 1994 Olympics became a success with thousands of visitors and locals attending the events. The town center of Lillehammer was full of people with clothes from the 1994 Olympic Games and everyone enjoyed this weekend in February.

King and Queen of Norway attend 25th anniversary celebration of Lillehammer Olympics

It was February 1994 when the Olympic flame was lit for the 17th Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer, Norway. Norway was the smallest country to ever host a Winter Games, and many wondered if they could pull it off. But the impact of the event, widely regarded as one of the best Olympic Games ever, is still being felt decades later in this small mountain town. Fast forward to February 2019, when the torch was lit once again as King Harald and Queen Sonja attended a special celebration to mark the 25th anniversary of the games in Lillehammer.

The Norwegian Olympic Museum launched a "collective action" of 1994 Olympic Memories. The official reports on the Lillehammer Olympics are known, but the personal memories, good stories and the public's images are limited and communicated to a limited extent. This is part of our heritage and is being done now while the sources are still available.