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Sirkus i Lilleputthammer
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Malte Knapp

Wonderful world of circus

Welcome to the circus show "Wonderful World of Circus" with circus artist Malte Knapp. You can experience this in the Lilleputthammer family park in the summer season. Malte Knapp is a Swedish circus artist who made her first professional appearance already at the age of 14 on Bjurholm's summer days. At the age of 17, began his international career at Circus Agora, and has since toured with many international circuses and various shows, and also appeared in several television shows around the world. 

From July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009, Malte Knapp performed for Circus Circus in Las Vegas. For the past 10 years, Malte Knapp has been our circus artist in Lilleputthammer. This summer Malte Knapp will have his show from 9th of July to 15th of August.


Malte Knapp has performed at the following family parks

2007 Phantasia Land, Germany
2006 Tivoli Copenhagen, Denmark
2004 Ålborg Tivoli, Denmark
2004 Tivoliland, Denmark
2003 Liseberg, Sweden
2002 Gröna Lund, Sweden
2001 Århus Tivoli, Denmark
1998 Liseberg, Sweden
1996 Summerland South, Denmark
1994 Bon-Bon Land, Denmark
1992 Folkparks Turné, Sweden
1991 Kongeparken, Norway
1991 Astrid Lindgren's World, Sweden
1991 Tusenfryd, Norway


2007 Circo Ventura, Chile
2005-2006 Circus Flic Flac, Germany
2003-2004 Moscow State Circus European Tour, Europe
2003 Circus Scott, Sweden
2003 Summer Circus Agora, Norway
2002-2003 Summer Circus De Lune, Switzerland
2001-2002 Winter Circus Krone, Germany
2002 Colliseo Portugal, Portugal
2002 Summer Circus Olympia (guest play), Sweden
2000 Summer Circus Brazil Jack (guest play), Sweden
2000 Winter Moira Orfei (guest play), Italy
2000 Cirkus Stadt ShowBurg, Holland
1999-2000 Winter Circus Expo Center, Holland
1998-1999 Winter Circus Sarrasani, Germany
1994-1998 five summers Circus Skratt, Sweden
1993 Summer Circus Arena, Denmark
1991-1992 Winter Circus Martin Hanson, Holland
1990 Summer Circus Agora, Norway
1988 Summer Circus Harlekin, Sweden