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World Sprint Series

04 | April 12:00

The fastest XC Skiers on the planet clashes in a serie of Supersprints around the world to decide who will rule them all. Who do you think is the fastest skier in the world?

Supersprint world The Sprint Series starts in Østersund in Sweden and ends on Hafjell April 4, 2020.

The super sprint that was first organized in Østersund two years ago will be a new world tour with six competitions in five different countries. There will be 100 meters of super sprints on skis, which is a new form of competition.

Program for this year's Supersprint - World Sprint Series:

* Ostersund, Sweden November 9, 2019
* Dresden, Germany, January 10, 2020
* Marcialonga, Italy, January 24, 2020
* König Ludwig Lauf, Germany, January 31, 2020
* Moscow, Russia, March 12, 2020
* Ludde Open, Hafjell, Norway, April 4, 2020