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30 th FIL Junior World Championships

30th FIL Junior World Championships was arranged in Lillehammer Olympic bob and luge track just 3 km from Hafjell Ski Resort in Norway 16 - 17th of January 2015.

The Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh- and Luge Track (LOBA) was constructed to the 1994 Winter Olympic Games, and has been in continuous use since that time for training, competitions and tourist activities. LOBA has been the organizer of the World Championships as well as a number of World Cups for
seniors and juniors within the bobsled and skeleton disciplines.

It is northern Europe’s only artificially frozen bobsled and luge track. LOBA is open for local use, tourists, and groups; as well as active competitors from Norway and abroad who use the facilities for training.

FIL Junior World Championships, Lillehammer arranged 16 -17.January 2015.

120 athlets from 22 nations to Lillehammer and FIL Junior World Championships 2015. Most of the athlets stayed at Hafjell Hotell and Hafjell Resort. It all started with a Grand Opening Ceremony Thursday 15th of January 2015 at Lilleputthammer family Park in Hafjell.