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Grocery shopping in Hafjell

Shops in Hafjell

Hafjell has a good selection of food stores and other trade. The grocery stores are represented by the Spar, Coop and Kiwi chains. All three grocery stores also have Sunday openings. In addition Hafjell and Øyer have several specialized stores such as car dealerships, liquor stores, sports shops, pharmacies, plumbers and restaurants. At the top of Hafjell you will find a small grocery store, sport shop and ski rental.

All food stores are located in the center of Hafjell. Spar is located between Hafjell Hotell and Scandic Hotell Hafjell. Coop and Kiwi supermarket stores are 400 meters away.  In the Spar building you will also find Nille, Boots pharmacy, restaurant and doctor's office. In the Kiwi building is the Sport 1 chain and the wine and liquor store.


Shopping in Lillehammer

Lillehammer's commercial areas, at least those interesting for visitors are centered on two areas: The main area, well-known because of the Lillehammer Olympic, is the center of Lillehammer itself, with the pedestrian areas and adjacent side roads, back yards, parallel roads etc. The Storgata pedestrian street is the focal place.

The centre of Lillehammer with its award-winning pedestrian street Storgata at its hub - is famous around the world. Charming and historically important buildings serve as the backdrop for a modern and bustling shopping environment with a number of specialist shops and an excellent range of products to choose from. 

Opening hours in Lillehammer

The stores in the center of Lillehammer are open Monday - Saturday 09-18. In addition, some food stores in the town center have extended opening hours. If you are shopping on a sunday, the food stores at Hafjell are open. There may be different opening hours at Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Strandtorget Shopping centre

The other site is Strandtorget shopping plaza down by the river, benefitting from an old paper factory site for development sprawl, and the adjacent E6 highway and proximity to Lillehammer as high turn-over customer base. There is a development debate over whether to limit Strandtorget's activities in order not to depopulate the town centre. Interestingly, the Storgata shops tend to start affilate shops and outlets at Strandtorget. Given the seasonally adverse weather, a large indoor-shopping mall has proven successful. 

Opening hours Strandtorget

Strandtorget shopping center is open Monday - Friday 09 - 20, and until 18 on Saturdays. Over 1000 free parking spaces.

There may be different opening hours at Christmas, New Year and Easter.