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The EU's privacy regulation, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will become Norwegian law in 2018, and this means that Norway will also get new rules for privacy.
The new regulations give businesses such as Lilleputthammer Lekeland AS new duties and Lilleputthammer Lekeland AS's customers / guests / bookers new rights.

GDPR / Privacy for:
Welle Gruppen AS (hereinafter also referred to as WG)
Hundervegen 33,
N-2636 Øyer, Norway.
Organization number 930 658 413 VAT
with subsidiaries:
Hafjell Hotell AS (hereafter also referred to as HH)
Hundervegen 33,
N-2636 Øyer, Norway.
Org no 991761624 VAT
and with subsidiary subsidiaries:
Lilleputthammer Lekeland AS (hereinafter also referred to as LL)
Hundervegen 35,
N-2636 Øyer, Norway.
Organization number 889 447 982 VAT

Welle Gruppen AS / WG is the operative marketing company for the subsidiary and subsidiary subsidiaries in the group and also uses the marketing name Hafjell Resort in its communications. Welle Gruppen AS is in charge of the marketing and is the operative player in relation to online booking of tickets, stays at HH or at HH's brokered cabins and apartments. WG thus markets and sells both LL's and HH's products, and is also the one who takes care of the internal control of the data registers and enters into agreements with subcontractors on e.g. online booking, as well as mail marketing that LL and HH use in their businesses.

WG also uses, in its marketing, the following "departmental" designations: Lilleputthammer Familiepark, Lekeland Hafjell, Hafjell Hotell, Hafjell Lodge, Hafjell Exclusive, Hafjell Resort, Hafjell Catering, Hafjell Renhold.

New regulations came into force from May 2018, and WG, including subsidiaries, follow these new EU adapted regulations.
WG has, in collaboration with Hafjell Hotell AS and Lilleputthammer Lekeland AS, drawn up internal control routines for handling personal data and other information WG receives from customers. Personal data will not be sold or otherwise distributed to anyone other than those who need such information to be able to carry out the agreement / order including additional services.

The orderer, the guest, the recipient of news e-mails, the recipient of text messages and other marketing activity will be able to request at any time that all information that is stored, and that WG is not required by other law/regulation to take care of, to be deleted.
The orderer/guest will, if the data has not been requested to be deleted, receive a news email from WG or from one of the marketing names and recipients can, on receipt of this, immediately request that all information stored by WG be deleted free of charge.

When booking a stay, buying tickets etc. is this to be considered as entering into an agreement with WG or LL or HH and these are then required to register personal data. The orderer agrees, at the time of order, that WG, LL, and HH, in their capacity as data controller, can use the information provided to carry out WG, LL and HH's obligations towards the orderer. If necessary, it may be necessary to transfer the information to partners in order to be able to provide information, offers and service regarding the customer's order via e-mail, telephone, sms and mailings via post.

Everyone who receives e-mails is or has been a customer of WG, LL and HH or has signed up for a newsletter/email and has given the e-mail address and telephone number in relation to the order/newsletter/email. It is hereby notified that WG, LL, HH will send relevant information to the customer. The booker will be able to get information about a service the booker did not indicate about, but the information should mean that the booker will be able to have better experiences in and around Hafjell, summer and winter.
Sending e-mails / text messages only involves the use of e-mail addresses and or telephone numbers, not other personal data. It will be clear from the e-mail where we have the e-mail address from and that it will not be used for anything other than e-mails. In the e-mail, it is described how the recipient can easily say that he/she no longer wishes to receive e-mails at the same time that the orderer can request that all information registered on the orderer be deleted.

WG including its subsidiaries process personal data of bookers, users and customers using WG and Hafjell Hotell's services. WG takes care of the customers'/guests' personal information and complies with applicable laws at all times to protect the recipient as a person.

WG and HH act as data controller of personal data in connection with the services and in connection with orders / reservations. Personal information means any information directly or indirectly related to a living person.

WG's goal is to maintain a high level of protection for personal data. WG mainly uses personal data to manage, operate, develop and maintain benefits, process reservations, optimize the user experience in the form of benefits and adapt our communication with the recipients/orderer/guests. WG only collects personal data that is relevant for the purpose for which the customer has ordered. The information collected includes, for example, Information about name, address, telephone number, email address, IP address, login information, language, user history, travel information, reservation settings, payments, position, contact person in case of emergency, special allergens, disability and other information of the guests / the customers have given in connection with the use of our services.

The purpose of the processing of personal information is to be able to fulfill the contractual obligations and also to offer more flexible and individual services and products. By making a reservation, LL uses personal information to:
1. Process, provide, develop and maintain services,
2. Process orders and orders for services,
3. Contact the guests, e.g. per. SMS, other mobile application or e-mail, or notify guests about reservation status or anything else in connection with the reservation before, during and after the stay
4. Individualize our communication with guests regarding the services, e.g. by creating a profile for you and sending you offers that match your profile as a user of our services,
6. Analyze statistics and user behavior in relation to our services,
7. Improve the orderers/guests' benefits with our products and services in a way that LL believes benefits the orderer/guests, or
8. promote services and products, directly or indirectly to the customer.

The orderer always has the right to request that WG delete the data registered on the guest, free of charge, and WG undertakes to do this as long as other laws do not prevent this.
WG uses cookies for its digital services. Further information about WG's use of cookies, which cookies are used and how to avoid cookies can be found at

In cases where there is a legal requirement that consent must be obtained for the processing of certain types of personal data or for a specific processing, consent will be obtained from the customer before processing the information.

WG may, for example, be required to show personal data to third parties such as the police or other public authority if this is in connection with the investigation of a crime, or if WG is required to disclose such information by law or by decision of a public authority.

If the customer has questions, comments or complaints about WG's processing of personal data and compliance with the terms of use, please contact:

Welle Gruppen AS
Hundervegen 33,
N-2636 Øyer, Norway.
Or via [email protected]

If the complainant does not accept the answers we give, we ask that the complainant contact the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

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