Tapas restaurant

On Gaia Tapas in Hafjell will guests experience a traditional tapas restaurant with pick and exciting combination menus. Our tapas are unique to the region with good local produce such as hams, cheeses, elk and lamb, prepared with inspiration from Spain by our chef.

Tapas Menu Gaiastova 

Dipper: Aioli, humus or pesto
Tomato Bruschetta
Selection of Norwegian sausages and ham
Baked Camembert with apple and pear
Smoked salmon with cucumber, beetroot and mustard
Garlic Baked langoustines
Scallops on fennel salad
Croquette of konfitert duck
French fries
Grilled and baked vegetables; artichoke, carrot & cauliflower
Ragout of lamb
Entrecote with garlic butter
Canned vegetables; peppers, carrots, mushrooms & tomato
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Manchego, Taleggio and Chevre with fruit bread and honey
2 weeks marinated olives
chocolate Truffle
Rice pudding

The owners of Gaiastova has a goal to develop Gaia Tapas. We want to offer our guests a good selection of tapas with high-quality local and international ingredients.

Opening hours for tapas restaurant

Our regular opening hours in the winter season are 16:00 to 22:00 on Fridays and 13:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays. The kitchen closes at 21 o'clock on Fridays and 22 o'clock on Saturdays. There are plans to serve tapas dishes in the autumn holiday week 40.

Hope to see you at Gaia Tapas during the winter. For table reservation send email to [email protected]