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Hafjell skiskole
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Hafjell skiskole
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Hafjell ski school

The ski school in Hafjell

The ski school can introduce you to everything from the most basic ski techniques to the most advanced and modern ski styles. The ski school offers courses in all disciplines and at all levels. Choose between a personal trainer, skiing in groups or take part in one of the ski school’s Snow Camps. 

At the Ski School in Hafjell, you can learn everything from the most basic ski techniques to completely new ski disciplines. We offer courses in all disciplines and at all levels. In our children’s groups, our focus is on play and learning. When children play they develop their senses, motor and mental skills and discover their strengths and weakness. Group courses start on Mondays and last a minimum of three days. Courses are offered in Alpine and Snowboard. 

You can also book a personal trainer for your ski School. All instructors are well educated, and have weekly sessions to improve their ability to give you the best possible experience on your skis. Group lessons or private sessions, choose what suits you best.

Opening hours Ski school

Applies from the start of the season. Until the start of the season, our booking is only digital via e-mail and telephone Monday-Friday 09:00-16:00.

Days Place Time
Monday-Saturday Ski School Building/Family Area


Sunday Welcome center/Skitorget 09:00-17:00

Contact Hafjell Ski School

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +47 61 27 47 77