Vinmonopolet i Hafjell
Vinmonopolet i Hafjell
Vinmonopolet i Hafjell
Hafjell og Øyer sentrum

The Liquer and wine store

The Liquor and wine store (Vinmonopolet) in Hafjell is located about 400 meters from Hafjell Hotell in the centre of village. Here you will also find groceries.

Wine store in Hafjell

Liquor and wine Store in Hafjell is located in the same building as the Kiwi food store.

Vinmonopolet offers a unique range of roughly 17 000 different products today. The most popular of these are available in all its shops, while those not in stock at one outlet can be ordered without additional charge. This system allows the company to serve both the majority of its customers and the wine connoisseur. Vinmonopolet smallest shops, so called category 1 shops, are small, with reduced product range adjusted to small sales in the districts.

Opening hours

Mondays - saturdays open
Sundays closed