Buss fra Hafjell til Lillehammer
Skibuss Hafjell
Skibuss Lillehammer - Hafjell
Skibuss Hafjell - Lillehammer
Skibuss Lillehammer til Hafjell
Lillehammer skysstasjon

Ski bus Lillehammer to Hafjell


From Lillehammer there are buses to Hafjell from platform 7 at the bus station in Lillehammer. The bus stop in the center of Hafjell is only 100 meters from Hafjell Hotell. In the main winter season there is a ski bus between the hotels in Hafjell and the Alpine Center. During the summer there is a bus to Lilleputthammer, Hafjell and Hunderfossen from Lillehammer.

Bus Lillehammer to Hafjell

Bus Hafjell to Lillehammer




Lillehammer Taxi Center is located just off the bus and train station (Lillehammer train and bus station). Normally there will be taxis right outside when you arrive by bus or train. You can also call +47 06565 and book a taxi. 06565 Drosjene ia s 24 hour taxi service that cover small and large taxi trips in the Lillehammer, Øyer (Hafjell) and Tretten area.


There is a ski bus between hotels in Hafjell and Hafjell Alpin center between 21 December and 19.April. In addition, there is a separate route to Øyer mountains with Pellestova from the center of Hafjell for those wishing to test cross-country skiing.

You can book a bus transfer to and from Lillehammer train station every day this winter. Every Saturday you can use the booking bus to get around Hafjell.

Transfer bus Lillehammer station - Hafjell. All the way to your door!

You can pre-book transport to Hafjell from selected train arrivals / departures at Lillehammer station, every day throughout the winter (26 Dec 2020 - 3 April 2021).

This is how it works:

Book and pay for the bus digitally here
• Booking deadline is 2 hours before arrival / departure. If the train is delayed, the bus will be waiting for you.
• The minibus is ready at Lillehammer Skysstasjon when the train arrives.
• The bus wil take you all the way to your door or hotel.
• Keys to the rental unit are picked up / delivered in a common key box in Hafjell.
• When returning from a cabin / hotel, you will receive an SMS if the pick-up time after booking has been made.

Price: Kr. 125, - per person one way (applies to all addresses in Hafjell)

When: Every day from December 26, 2020 to April 3, 2021

The transfer bus can be booked for the following arrival times by train FROM Oslo;
11.40 - 13.41 - 15.37 - 16.44 - 17.37 - 18.41 - 19.40

The transfer bus can be booked for the following departure times by train TO Oslo;
11.40 - 12.08 - 14.11 - 16.14 - 17.07 - 19.10

The Hafjell Bus | Booking bus Saturdays

The Hafjell bus takes you around Hafjell on Saturday afternoon / evening. Choose between 23 stops from Hafjelltoppen, Mosetertoppen and in the center of Hafjell. It is possible to pre-book the bus at a given time, and on the trip you will coordinate with other passengers. Current infection control rules will be taken care of.