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The miniature town with tons of fun

Lilleputthammer is an adventure park for young and old, but where most of the activities are designed for children 1-8 years. Here you find a miniature copy of the famous main street - Storgata - in Lillehammer as it was back in the year 1930, built to a scale of 1:4. The following children’s activities are offered among the charming small wooden buildings: train, Ola's frog leap, electric-powered cars, ferris wheel, mini rollercoaster, climbing tower and obstacle course, bumper boats, huge jumping cushion, trampolines and other playground facilities.

In Lilleputthammer, the kids can ride on a train, drive a car or ride on a bicycle, and the miniature houses make the kids feel like giants. Inside the houses they can discover fun activities at sites such as the painting room, the ball room, the mini cinema, etc.  For adults, Lilleputthammer offers a look back into history – the 1930s to be precise. Both the buildings, the content and the colours have been copied as authentic as possible from that period. In Lilleputthammer there are 44 shops, 2 hotels, 3 cafes, 2 bakeries, a police station and a cinema.

Climbing park for children

Our children climbing park has been named Olas climbing park and is 135 meters long and consists of 13 climbing elements and a zip line with two climbing elements. All children who want to climb the Olas climbing park will go through an exercise course where they will receive training. We use a system of continuous fuse - the children are connected to a fuse line (from the selenium) with a "speed runner" from start to finish.

Olas climbing park provides a nice introduction to climbing and is designed so that the children will have fun and know that they master the obstacles. All children also get climbing gear and helmet. Remember to wear good shoes and clothes after weather conditions. The climbing park is built in such a way that it does not destroy the trees in the woods. The climbing park is designed so that the trees can grow without limitation. Here you will also find benches and tables where you can have a snack or break from the climbing. If you are lucky, a squirrel will be visiting you.

The climbing park is suitable for children between 5 - 10 to 12 years old. It is not the height of the children, but the length of the tight arm is essential. If the height is over 130/135 cm with a tight arm, they will be able to complete the course and experience coping.
Right at Olas climbing park, we have a small practice course for the very youngest children. This part of the climbing park is designed for children under 4 years to also get unfolded. Here you do not need fuse. Guardians must be around to take care of.

Book ticket

Due to infection control, there is a lower maximum number of guests per day in Lilleputthammer family park this season. Therefore, we recommend booking tickets in advance to be sure entry to the desired date.

We have a strong focus on infection control and have reduced the capacity so that it is easy to keep a distance from other guests. We register the names and telephone numbers of all guests, and all employees who have close contact with the guests wear face masks. One of our infection control measures is right-hand walking hroughout the park. We have made a middle stripe in Storgata to make it easier for the children to keep their distance. There are also ten washing points and fifty antibac stations around the park. We will make sure that it's safe for both guest and employees in Lilleputthammer.

Childrens Book town

Five miniature, charming wooden houses filled with exciting books and fun magazines is what the Children’s Book town is all about. Here you can uncover exciting books about master detectives, colourful picture-books for the little ones, hobby books, travel accounts, comic strips and plenty more. Perhaps you will discover the perfect find among the many old and new treasures. Our Book town is not simply a house with ”dead paper things” in the shelves there are also plenty of activities going on at this site, such as short plays and readings for kids on a daily basis. Our goal is that the Children’s Book town shall be a place where books and stories come alive.