Wheel bob

Wheel bob is the summer's equivalent of bobsledding. This is one of the most action-packed activities in the summer season, giving you the feeling of 3G when the bob is driving up to 100 km / h. There is room for 4 passengers plus a pilot who will drive the wheel bob. The sleds have safety features such as rollover bars and netting. Helmets are mandatory and safety instructions are given by the pilot ahead of each run. 

We do not offer the activity to pregnant women or people who have / have had problems with the back, neck, heart or lungs. Age limit on 10 year w / adult and 12 year u / adult. All bobsleds are approved for use by tourists and the use of a helmet is mandatory. Not advisable for persons with neck and back problems, persons operated for lung or heart problems, or if you are pregnant.

Total length: 1.710 m
Maximum competition length: 1.365 m
Maximum height difference: 114,3 m
Biggest vertical drop: 15%
Estimated max speed: 128 km / h (4-bob)

NOK 300,- per person for adults. 
NOK 200,- per person for children. 
Family ticket (children: 10-15 years) 900,-
This activity is also available as drop-in during opening hours. 

Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track
Hunderfossvegen 680
2625 Fåberg

[email protected] + 47 61 05 42 00

wheel bob
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