Gaiastova fjellcafe
Gaiastova fjellcafe
Gaiastova fjellcafe
Hafjelltoppen og Gaiastova
Gaiastova peisestuen
Tapasrestaurant Gaiastova
Tapas på Hafjell
Afterski på Gaiastova
Afterski på Hafjelltoppen
Gaiastova på Hafjelltoppen
Familiebakken ved Gaiastova
Afterski på Gaiastova

Gaiastova restaurant and apres ski

Fresh air, beautiful scenery and great food! Gaiastova located at the top of Hafjell, 950 meters above sea level. On Gaiastova is a restaurant, lounge and Gaiabar where you are free to choose from exciting menus for both casual and formal. Gaiastova was built for the Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer in 1994.

Olympic Games and Gaiastova

During the Games were Gaiastova residence of the press and media, a total of 2000 people from around the world were accommodated in Hafjell-peak 225 condos and 120 apartments. Gaiastova worked as a service center where about. 2000 people took their daily meals.

In winter Gaiastova known for its delicious "Skiers" lunch and apres ski. The restaurant has a stunning view over the mountains. Gaiastova is the perfect starting point for cross-country tours, and is close to the ski slopes.

If you live in Hafjell Hotel pension winter you can choose to eat lunch at Gaiastova instead of at the hotel. Contact the site and notify the front desk if you want this lunch box. We also have apartments for rent close to Gaiastova.

Tapas restaurant in Hafjell

On Gaia Tapas in Hafjell will guests experience a traditional tapas restaurant with pick and exciting combination menus. Our tapas are unique to the region with good local produce such as hams , cheeses , elk and lamb , prepared with inspiration from Spain by our chef. 

Apres skiing

Gaiastova is one of the best après ski in Norway and most famous night spot in Hafjell. There is room for 400 revelers party people. We have DJ's and live bands provide a great atmosphere. Gaiastova serves liquor and has therefore 20 year age limit. 

Gaiastova opening hours

Monday-Thursday 11 am-5pm
Friday 11am - 8pm
Saturday 11am - 11pm
Sunday 11am - 4pm

Friday 16:00-21:30
Saturday 13:00-22:30

Saturday 15:00-20:00

Saturday 23:00-02:00

Accommodation near Gaiastova

Six apartments next to Gaiastova on Hafjelltoppen. The apartments of 130 m2 are located in the very attractive area in the mountain at Gaiastova restaurant on Hafjelltoppen. Perfect location for alpine skiing and cross country skiing in the mountain. Only 200 meters to Gaiastova with restaurant, bar, après ski, grocery store and ski rental.