Sykling i Øyerfjellet
Fiske i Øyerfjellet
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Toppen av Hafjell
Tursti til Nevelfjell

Øyer mountain

The local mountains offer breathtaking mountain expanses, as well as mountain peaks with spectacular views. Marked rambling trails have been established throughout the area to guide you through the best Norwegian nature has to offer. Picturesque mountain farm communities and shiny lakes dot the landscape, and there is plenty of action in store for those of you interested in coming along a moose safari or racing across the open mountain landscape on a bicycle.

Rambling trails

The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association has designed and marked a wide range of trails in varying terrain in the Nordseter, Sjusjøen and Øyer mountains. The landscape is featured by gentle mountain slopes, rounded hills, and mountain plateaus. The terrain is ideal for walking. All the main trails are marked with a red "T".

Mount Nevelfjell

There are several hiking trails at Hafjell and Nordseter. Some are in the high mountains, some in the forest. A very nice trail leads up the mountain of Nevelfjell (1089 m) between Reinsvann and Nevelvann lakes. On a clear day you can see as far as the mountain range and national parks of Jotunheimen and Rondane. On a warm summer day a swim in the lakes is refreshing, with a sandy beach at Krigsvika and Reinsvann lake. Trails lead to Sjusjøen, Pellestova and the top of Hafjell, where you will find a catering service. There is also trails leading down to the Lillehammer Olympic arena and Lillehammer town.


This is a wonderful day-trip with a magnificent view of the spectacular open-landscape. Gropmarka-Lillehammer. A great walk from the mountains to Lillehammer in constantly varying terrain. Gropmarka is a popular area for locals.

Øyer mountains includes mountain areas between Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen. Øyer mountains has large expanses and great hiking terrain. Height above sea level varies from 700 meters in the southern part of Åstdalen to 1232 meters at Eldåhøgda, which is the highest point in the municipality of Øyer.

Although it is a mountain, the terrain is open and flat, with a lot of marshes, ponds and small ponds. Large areas are covered with birch forest, which grows up to about 1000 meters above sea level, some places slightly higher. In southern and western areas, you will find pine forests. In some places there are also pine trees.

Easy to find - stop anywhere
Øyer mountain is an excellent area for exploring typical mountains. The highway leads you through great mountain terrain and you can stop almost anywhere to look for a bird. But on the map you will find some recommended places that are extra favorable. 

Cycling in Lillehammer region, Norway

An extensive network of roads ideal for bicycling can be found in the mountains in Lillehammer and Øyer. Kilometre upon kilometre of solid country roads with minimal vehicle traffic will take you through local mountains and valleys and past idyllic mountain lakes and summer mountain farms. It won't be the mountains, but the nature, that will leave you breathless. 

There are miles of wonderful mountains around Lillehammer, Norway paths and roads without much traffic.  You bike through forest, in the mountains, through valleys, along mountain lakes and past mountain dairy farms.  It is not climbing the hills that make you lose your breath, but the scenery itself.  With the huge and changing sky you get the fresh mountain air, you can listen to the singing birds and the baaing sheep while you wheel by noiselessly.

Birdwatching in Øyer mountains

Øyerfjellet includes parts of the mountainous regions between Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen. The area covers about 43,000 hectares, whereas half of it is bare mountain. Øyerfjellet has large mountain plateaus and great hiking terrains. The height above sea level varies from 700 metres in the southernmost part of Åstdalen to 1232 metres in Eldåhøgda, the highest point in Øyer municipality.

Did you know …
… that Øyerfjellet used to be Gudbrandsdalen’s largest municipality when it comes to mountain dairy farming, with more than 300 operating mountain farms?

… that the first registered breeding Pine Grosbeaks in Southern Norway was in this area? The species still breeds regularly in Øyerfjellet.

… that the Pallid Harrier has been seen several times in Øyerfjellet?

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