Skibladner på Mjøsa
Skibladner på Mjøsa
Skibladner kommer til Vingnes

Skibladner paddle steamer

The world's oldest preserved paddle steamer in timetabled service, with live steam engines, paddle wheels and a speed of 12 knots. "Skibladner" is the pride of Norway's inland, and one of Norway's best-loved tourist attractions. You can easily make a day trip on her if you are staying in the Oslo area – or planning to visit Lillehammer. Launched in 1856, she is the world's oldest paddle steamer in scheduled service. Every summer, she draws her broad, creaming wake across the expanse of Lake Mjøsa. This venerable old lady plies between the villages and towns around lake Mjøsa: Lillehammer, Moelv, Gjøvik, Hamar and Eidsvoll; quiet country towns basking in the Norwegian summer sunshine.

Why travel with Skibladner

She's a unique vessel in beautiful surroundings, with excellent food and an exciting 150-year history. Something for everyone! Fully licensed restaurant on board. Every summer, Skibladner draws her broad wake across Lake Mjøsa, Norway's largest inland lake, an hour's drive north of the capital, Oslo. A voyage on this unique vessel is an experience not to be missed! Skibladner sails between the villages and towns around Lake Mjøsa as she has always done: Lillehammer, Moelv, Gjøvik, Hamar and Eidsvoll — idyllic country towns basking in the Norwegian summer sunshine.

Skibladner has been fully restored to her 1888 appearance and is in excellent condition - giving you an accurate picture of 19th century steamship travel in Norway. With her rhythmic and relaxing paddling across the lake, as well as the temptations provided by her first class restaurant, your guests will be able to enjoy a landscape that will please all the senses. We see that our guests go ashore refreshed and exhiliarated after a voyage on our unique floating museum!

Facts about P.S. Skibladner

Built at the Motala Shipyard in Sweden 1854 - 1856 Assembled at Minnesund, near Eidsvoll, 1854–56 
Maiden voyage: 2nd August, 1856
Refitted and lengthened at Minnesund by Aker Shipyard in 1888
Length post 1888: 165 feet
Hull beam admidships: 16 feet 7 inches
Draft: 5 feet 6 inches
Triple expansion double-acting steam engine providing 606 b.h.p
Max speed: 14 knots at 44 revolutions per minute
Operating speed: 13.2 knots at 42 revolutions per minute
Steel paddle wheels, diameter 16 feet, 8 feathering floats per wheel
Engine built at Aker Shipyard in 1888. New boilers in 1983
Crew: minimum 6, maximum 16, in accordance with Norwegian shipping regulations
Maximum number of passengers: 230

Skibladner Raddampfer

Fast schon eine Pflicht bei einem Lillehammerbesuch, ist die Fahrt mit dem ältesten Raddampfer der Welt - dem Skibladner, der liebevoll der weiße Schwan genannt wird. Nachdem im Jahre 1827 die ersten Dampfschiffe nach Norwegen kamen, tauchte natürlich auch der Gedanke auf, auch auf dem Mjøsa-See, der im übrigen der größte Binnensee in Norwegen ist, diese einzusetzten. Ludvig Wiese, ein Kaufmann aus Lillehammer, verwirktlichte diese Idee. Lillehammer war damals die einzige Stadt, die an den Ufern des Sees lag. So lief im Jahre 1840 das erste Dampfschiff auf dem Mjøsa-See vom Stapel. Es war der Raddampfer "Jernbarden" (das Eisenschiff), das erste Fahrzeug hierzulande, das aus Eisen gebaut worden war. Die Teile für den 100 Fuß langen Dampfer waren in Glasgow hergestellt worden und wurden dann in Minne in der Klinkerbauweise wieder zusammengesetzt.

AS Oplandske Dampskibsselskap
Skibladnerkontoret, Jernbanegate 2, Postboks 230, N-2802 Gjøvik, Norway 
Tlf:+47 - 61 14 40 80
Fax +47 - 61 14 40 81

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