Bestill overnatting

As one of Norway's largest indoor play parks, Lekeland Hafjell has been specially designed for kids ages 0 - 12, and features a play area covering approx. 800 sq.m. The play area 2 - 4 years is similar to the main play area, but especially designed for kids aged 2-4. The play area features 2 levels of activities such as; ball bins, slides and several obstacle courses.

Play area 0-3 years
The play area for the youngest children is filled with giant soft toys and a ball bin.

Café area
In the café area you may have some food and drink. Or you may use our Internet access.

Among the attractions at Playland Hafjell:
16-metre-long triple slide
Spiral slide
Several obstacle courses
Ball bins
Haunted room
And plenty more…

Special section devoted to children ages 0-3 and 2-4. Café area with giant TV screen and Internet access. At Lekeland Hafjell your kids can have their own birthday party. We have 4 birthday rooms with room for up to 40 children.Children are only permitted access when accompanied by an adult (min. 16 years).

Rabatterte familiepakker

Hafjell Resort tilbyr rabatterte familiepakker som inkluderer Olas Superbillett til Lilleputthammer familiepark og Lekeland Hafjell og overnatting i en av våre hytter. 


- Torsdager/fredager 13.00-18.00
- Lørdager/søndager 11.00-18.00
- Uke 40 åpent daglig 11.00-18.00



Lekeland Hafjell

Hundervegen 37
2636 Øyer
Tel 61 28 55 00
E-post [email protected]

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