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Norwegian Road Museum

Norwegian Road Museum is located 12 km north of Lillehammer town, close to the Amusement Park Hunderfossen. The museum is open year round and offers historical and technical road history in an exciting outdoor and indoor environments. The museum has free admission. 

History of road building

Have you ever tried to imagine how people in this country has come forward on the roads during the thousand years? Do you know what kind of tools roadworks founders used before digging machines and buldoserens time? The exhibition highlights include this. At Hunderfossen, north of Lillehammer in Norway, we find the Norwegian Road Museum. Pay a visit and be convinced that the history of Norwegian roads can be both exiting and interesting. The exhibition has subtitles in Norwegian, English and German.

The Norwegain Road Museum ofers a peek into the history of road building with plenty of things to look and try, as well as fascinating exhibits on road safety and future road technology! A look in the "rear view mirror" and you might discover something completely unexpected...

Country store

H. Blindheimsvik country store opens this summer. A country store in a faciniating 1950-1960 atmosphere. The entire family can experience history in an entertaining format. On the second story of the museum, take a guided tour of the private apartment belonging to the person who originally owned the store.

Open-air museum

Open-air Museum. You can borrow pedal cars and drive on a challenging track. At the outdoor theme playground you can ride a horse-drawn coach, pet farm animals or trake a ride on a vintage bus. And don't forget to stop by the blacksmith - you might just find something interesting to buy.

Norsk Vegmuseum
Hunderfossvegen 757 
N-2618 Fåberg