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Summer holiday in Hafjell

Experience the summer in Hafjell with the family parks Lilleputthammer and Hunderfossen. Stay in spacious cabins, apartments or hotels.

Adventure park

Lilleputthammer is an adventure park for young and old, but where most of the activities are designed for children 1-7/8 years. Here you find a miniature copy of the famous main street - Storgata - in Lillehammer as it was back in the year 1930, built to a scale of 1:4. The following children’s activities are offered among the charming small wooden buildings: train, electric-powered cars, mini ferris wheel, Ola’s frog leap, climbing park, mini rollercoaster ride, climbing tower and obstcle course, bumper boats, huge jumping cushion, trampolines and other playground facilities

Inside the houses the kids can draw, paint, build things and watch a film. In the Children’s Book town, they can listen to plays and readings among exciting books and fun magazines. Further down the street at Øverlikiosken you can even purchase some old-fashioned candy.

For adults, Lilleputthammer offers a look back into history – the 1930s to be precise. Both the buildings, the content and the colours have been copied as authentic as possible from that period. In Lilleputthammer there are 44 shops, 2 hotels, 3 cafes, 2 bakeries, a police station and a cinema. Here you will find everything from J. Bøhmers Isenkramforretning (ice cream) and Th. Julins Broderiforretning (embroidery) to Pølsemaker Johansen (sausage factory).

Hunderfossen family park

Do you want to experience something fun and exciting this summer? Bring all your family and friends to Hunderfossen Family Park in Lillehammer for a day of relaxation, joy and amusement. The troll is guarding important treasures from the Norwegian culture: Hunderfossen Family Park, situated in beautiful surroundings has attractions based on Norwegian culture and traditions. Play, learn and experience are the theme of all attractions in the Park - more than 50 activities and attractions for all ages!

Eldorado of activities
In the Park you will find an eldorado of activities - like The Children's Farm and a real Farm Theatre swimming pool, car-tracks for all ages, children's water playground, Gold Diggers Area, Entertainment and yet there is more to come… enough activities to fill the whole day - and even two.

Petra and Cool Creeps
A spectacular 4 Dimensional Show, where you will be introduced to the cute ladybug Petra, and her bark beetle friends in the forest. You can see them, you can hear them - and you can even feel them too.

Hunderfossen Rafting
This is so fun - and you better not be afraid of water when you enter our boats to float down the river. Splashing water, waterfalls and several surprises will come up! And everybody can join the rafting - you just got to try this! Hunderfossen Rafting is one of our latest attractions, and is an artificial river of almost half a kilometre! It might look a bit dramatic, but we assure you it is totally safe, and fun for both young and old. In addtion to this, Hunderfossen Familypark has a lot of other news to suprise you!

Fairytale Palace
The World of fairytales becomes real when you enter the gates to the 37 metres tall Fairytale Palace. The Norwegian folk stories have been an important part of our culture for generations. Now, finally, we can be a part of the fairytales ourselves. Journey trough the interior of the palace and meet the princesses, the King, the trolls and many other odd characters from the old story. A unique setting in a mysterious atmosphere. Join the ride!

Hafjell Bike Park

Hafjell Bike Park is known for it’s nice atmosphere and the variety of amazing trails suiting every kind of rider. Regardless if you are a freerider, racehead, weekend warrior or a curios beginner you will find what your biking heart desire here. Hafjell offers 14 trails, covering 25 km in total, with a level of difficulty ranging from green to black spread over an elevation of 790 meters. It is one of the most progressive bike parks in Europe and keeps expanding at a high pace to keep the position as an ultimate mountain bike playground. Common for the trails in Hafjell Bike Park is that they never fail to deliver some massive grins.