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Lillehammer Cinema

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09 | May
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Welcome to Lillehammer cinema. You will find the cinema in Kirkegata near the town Square. We are here for everyone in the Lillehammer region seeking the good pleasure of the movies at the cinema.

Lillehammer Cinema is located in the Heart of town. You will find the Lillehammer Cinema situated next to the Lillehammer art museum. Offers varied programme every day.

Lillehammer cinema show more than 2,500 performances each year, by 6 to 9 permanent daily views. In addition, we show the regular school films, morning cinema, 2-3 film seminars and Amandus Festival for young filmmakers.

Their goal is that the public always has access to the Norwegian, European and other non-American film. Lillehammer Cinema have at least two launch campaigns for quality film in six months.