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The Prøysen Festival Blåklokkevikua

23 | July 09:00

The Prøysen Festival Blåklokkevikua is organized in July each year, around Alf Prøysen's birthday on July 23th.

Welcome to the Prøysenfestivalen 2019. Most of the events at Rundshøgda about 35 km south of Lillehammer.

Prøysen contributed to many artistic fields: children's radio, short stories, theater and music. Most of his stories and songs took place in an environment similar to the rural village where he grew up. In 1945 he debuted with the novel collection Dørstokken heme. His only novel Trost i taklampa (1950) was a success both as a book and as a play. He was frequently featured on radio and television programs during the 1950s and 1960s.

Prøysen was awarded the Norwegian Cultural Council Honorary Prize (Norsk kulturråds ærespris) in 1970. The largest part of Prøysen's writing consisted of short stories. Much of his production was made for children. The first stories about Teskjekjerringa were published in the magazine Kooperatøren. In 1956 the first book of a series about Teskedsgumman was published in Swedish.

The first Norwegian publication appeared in 1957. The first book appeared in English in 1959 with the titled character named Mrs. Pepperpot.