Hafjell Lodge
Hafjell Lodge
Hafjell Lodge
Lunsj på Hafjell Lodge
Hafjell Lodge

Skiers lunch at the Lodge

Today's lunch at the ski slopes in Hafjell

Try our Skiers lunch at Hafjell Lodge. Our lunches are very popular and you have the opportunity to enjoy meals out on our terrace or in our cozy and informal restaurant. The restaurant have spacious, sunny deck where you can share a warm lunch and splendid views.

Lunch menu Monday - Thursday & Sunday 11.00 - 16.00
Friday and Saturday 11.00 - 18.00

The lodge burger Kr. 199, -
Homemade Burger at 200g. of beef, with salad, bacon, tomato, onion, pickled cucumber, bbq dressing and herb baked potatoes. Contains: wheat, egg and milk. Gluten free bread is available. Extra cheese Kr. 5, -

Club Sandwich Kr. 199, -
Sandwich made from homemade bread with chicken, tomato, bacon, smoked bacon maize and herb baked potatoes. Contains: wheat, egg yolk and milk. Gluten free bread is available.

The lodge Cowboy plates Kr. 189, - served until 13.00
English breakfast with homemade bread, mirror eggs, sausages, bacon, tomato beans and herb baked potatoes. Contains: Wheat and Eggs. Gluten free bread is available.

The lodge toast Kr. 149, -
Large toast of homemade bread with cheese, ham, tomato, salad and herb baked potatoes. Contains: Wheat and Eggs. Gluten free bread is available.

Bolognese Kr. 149, -
Contains: wheat and eggs
With cream sauce and chicken Kr. 159, -
Contains: wheat, egg and milk
Pasta vegetarian Kr. 129, -
Contains: wheat and eggs

Gulash soup Kr. 149, -
Homemade gulash soup with homemade bread. Contains: Wheat in the bread

Caesar salad Kr. 119, -
With Cherry tomato, red onions, homemade caesar dressing, parmesan and croutons

Cesar salad with chicken Kr. 149, -
With Chicken, Cherry Tomato, Red Onion, Homemade Cesardressing, parmesan and krutons. Contains: Eggs, wheat and milk

JR menu
Junior Toast Kr. 89, -
Big toast of homemade bread with cheese and ham. Contains: wheat and milk

Junior Supernachos Kr. 89, -
Warm nachos with roast beef, cheddar cheese and salsa and sour cream. Contains: Milk.

Grill sausage with fried amadine potatoes Kr. 69, -

Junior Spaghetti with meat sauce Kr. 75, -
Contains: wheat

Pancakes 2 pieces of jam and sugar Kr. 69, -
Contains: Wheat, egg and milk

The lodge ice cream Kr. 49, -
2 balls of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Contains: Eggs, milk. The sauce can have traces of nuts