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Garmo stavkirke på Maihaugen
Bjørnstad på Maihaugen
Lillehammer by på Maihaugen
Byavdelingen på Maihaugen
Gammel dør på Maihaugen

Visit Maihaugen during winter

When you are in Lillehammer on a winter day, we recommend that you take the time to visit Maihaugen. Exciting exhibitions indoors, but not at least wonderful surroundings for a walk in cultural landscape. In the winter holidays, there are many exciting activities for young and old at Maihaugen. Here you can get real and good experiences together.

The Maihaugen has many nice slopes and slopes that are perfect for sledding. In the ground from the residential area down to the town in the open-air museum, it is fun to test old-fashioned wooden boards, which we have for lending.

Forestry with horse
In the forest at the top of the open-air museum, it is now cut in the forest. The work is done with a horse like before in time. The farm carts gladly welcome you and tell you about the forest work in the past. You can also walk the fine forest path and learn more about how important the forest has been and is for us.

Open doors to historic houses
Also in winter, the doors of several of the historic houses on Maihaugen are open. Here you can look into everything from the medieval simple lounge to the 1950s house with modern kitchen and washing machine.

Exciting exhibitions
Included in the entrance fee is also Maihaugen's great exhibits.

Museum shop
Every day of the museum's opening hours you can shop in the Maihaug shop.