Hafjell Ski Marathon

25 | February 10:00
We invite skiing competitions in both classical and freestyle at Mosetertoppen ski stadium. In Hafjell, you can choose whether you want to go classic or free technique, half or full marathon. Hafjell Ski Marathon are with 42 km marathon longest skiing event in Norway for free technique!
Hafjell Ski Marathon starts at the Mosetertoppen Ski Stadium and has both classic and freestyle, as well as marathons and half marathons. The event will take place on Saturday, February 25, 2023.

About the ski marathon
Hafjell Ski Marathon will take you on a great tour of the Øyer mountain and is Norway's longest freestyle tour. In 2022 there will be a full round of 42 kilometers loop. The new trail will go in some of the finest parts of the Øyer mountain. The start and finish is at the Mosetertoppen Ski Stadium. After starting at the Mosetertoppen ski stadium, 815 meters above sea level, it rises evenly for about 2.5 km before it flattens out towards Raudtjønnsbekken where the youth class takes its 13 km (black line). Then it goes to Nedre Moksjøen before an easy climb to Lienden and the first food station. From there, there is easy terrain via Sjøsetra back to Raudtjønnsbekken and on to the slopes up to Pellestova and next food station. From Pellestova it is short to the highest point of the trail at 975 meters above sea level. The slope of the Mosetertoppen ski stadium is short and goes through the new skitest center before making a turn at the back of the stadium area and up to the finish.

Øyer / Tretten IF and Hafjell invites to events in both freestyle and classic. Saturday, February 25, 2023 10:00. Start and finish at ski stadium.

All classic distances 10:00, all freestyle distances 10:15

Marathon 44 km classic
Half Marathon 22 km classic
Marathon 44 km freestyle
Half Marathon 22 km freestyle
Youth class 13 km freestyle (13-16 years)

via www.hafjellskimarathon.no

In 2023 there will be a full round of 42 kilometers loop. The new trail will go in some of the finest parts of the Øyer mountain

Contact Hafjell Resort for accommodation on the Mosetertoppen "two poles" from the arena. We have cabins available at Mosetertoppen.