Lekeland Hafjell
Lekeland Hafjell
Lekeland Hafjell
Lekeland Hafjell
Lekeland Hafjell
Lekeland Hafjell
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Lekeland Hafjell 

Lekeland Hafjell is located next door to Hafjell Hotell, and if you stay at the hotel you have discounts in Lekeland during the day and free entrance in the evening. Indoor playland is created for physical activity. In play land, children can climb, slide, sneak, balance and explore. Here the challenges are in line and the children experience positive sense of mastery. But most importantly for the children; Playground is AMAZING FUN!

The main area of ​​the playground

The largest play area in Lekeland Hafjell is adapted for children aged 4 to approx. 12 years. Here, the children can enjoy challenging activities in a play facility over 4 levels:
- 16 meter long triple climb with a height difference of 7.5 meters! - spiral slide - several obstacle courses - ball bins - balance board - climbing net - ghost room - with more ...

Among the attractions at Lekeland Hafjell:
16-metre-long triple slide
Spiral slide
Several obstacle courses
Ball bins
Haunted room
And plenty more…

Play area for children 2-4 years

The play area is a smaller version of the main play area, adapted for children in the age group 2 - 4 years. The play area is over 4 levels and consists of slides, ball bins, obstacle courses and more.

Play area for children 0-3 years

In the play area for the smallest in Lekeland Hafjell there are large soft bricks to climb, swing or slide on, and a large wall puzzle.

Cafe Lekeland

In our café department in Lekeland Hafjell with around 70 seats, the adults can relax with something to drink and eat. Here you can watch TV, read newspapers or make use of our internet access.

Opening hours Playland

Saturdays and sundays 11 - 18  (winter), open daily in Easter. From mid of June to mid of August open daily.

Opening hours Christmas

23 - 26 December Closed
27 - 30 December 11.00 - 18.00
31 December - 1 January Closed

Birthday in Lekeland

Birthday in Lekeland is becoming more and more popular and easier it won't be. We take care of everything from covering tables, serving food, gift wrapping and birthday singing. The children have their own birthday room and 900 sqm play area for free display. The birthday room and birthday host are available for 2 hours, but you have free access to Playland as long as it is open.

Contact Lekeland Hafjell

Hundervegen 37
2636 Øyer
Phone: +47 61 28 55 00
[email protected]