Summer Concerts in Ringebu Stave Church

10 | July 19:00
17 | July 19:00
Experience summer concerts in Ringebu stave church.
Experience summer concerts in Ringebu stave church this summer.

In arranging the International Summer Concerts , Ringebu Parish Council wishes to show that Ringebu Stave Church is still a vibrant cultural force in Gudbrandsdalen this year as it has been for many centuries. The church is the home of one of the most renowned organs in the valley, the Åkerman & Lund organ, built in 1982. This organ was constructed along the lines of the Northern European organ tradition of the 1600s, and is one of the most remarkable medium-sized organs in Norway. The stave church, located on the old pilgrim way to Nidaros, has been visited by travellers from all over Europe for centuries.