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Buy a 2-day ticket at a discounted price if you want to visit us two days in a row. You will receive a QR code on your mobile which you scan at the entrance to our city.

Sometimes it's not enough with just one day in the city. Even though the city is small, there is a lot to do! Visitors with us can of course come and go as they please, maybe it's good to take a little stroll in the middle of the day - take a break outside the «city walls». With a two-day ticket, you have greater flexibility and do not have to stress about getting everything done in one day.

Here in the city, the little ones are our main focus, so there is no height limit on our attractions. Here the little ones can feel like giants where they strut down the small "Storgata", which is a copy of Storgata in Lillehammer in 1930. The houses are built on a 1: 4 scale. The children can also try different activities and carousels, and on these there is room for the adults as well. Lilleputthammer is the perfect introduction to family parks - big enough to be exciting, small enough to be safe.

Buy your entrance ticket easily and simply online, and you will receive a unique QR code that you show at the entrance when you arrive. We recommend that you book well in advance, so that you secure a place on the desired day. The ticket is valid for two days in a row

Companions has free entrance at Lilleputthammer, and do not need to buy a ticket. A valid companion certificate must be presented upon entry.

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